clean up

identify your audience

Consider all of the audiences that might have an interest in learning about waste problems and solutions you have investigated. Who is your target audience and why? What local businesses, community members, non-profits or government agencies are stakeholders who have a role related to waste, recycling and related issues? Make preparations  to connect with them.

teach your audience

 What will you show your audience about the project you completed? Among ways to communicate are a face-to-face meeting or presentation, interpretive signs at the project site, a tour of a schoolyard project, or a presentation for the school web site. Be sure to coordinate with your teacher and other teams in your class, in case several of you want to contact the same organizations or businesses.

document your teaching

Document the way in which you taught your audience about the project. This may include taking pictures of an event you organized or a product you created, inviting the press to write articles about the project, writing a newsletter created by your class, arranging a closed caption video to be filmed by your school district, or other means.

Deliverable: Documentation of how you taught others about water quality 

I have taught others about my water quality project.